We're exploring how AI, IoT and XR technologies can advance industrial robotics.

Robotics for everyone

Compatible with over 2 million major brand industrial robots deployed today, Forge/OS 5 is the fastest way to create professional robotics tasks.

So we're excited to announce the upcoming READY Labs Simulator.

It connects to Forge/OS, just like any real-world industrial robot does, ready for you to start building.

Connect robots to anything

For developers Forge/OS presents a single API to connect to many major robot makes and models. This means you can quickly obtain data streams from robots in factories and warehouses and integrate them into business logic, machine learning, research platforms and more. Here are just a few of the projects we've been working on with our ecosystem partners.

Smartphone Apps

Featured project

Production line downtime can cost $10,000s of dollars a minute, so how do we better anticipate robot failures in order to optimize output? In this blog we show a method to rapidly acquire industrial robot data in order to train and test edge ML models, which we then apply to a predictive maintenance task.

Read more about Edge ML & Robotics

All about the data

Forge/OS has drivers covering over 90 models of industrial robot from ABB, Epson, Fanuc, Kawasaki, Stäubli, and Universal Robots. This means code built on Forge/OS can be reused across many models.

Forging the future

From groundbreaking AI research with the Advanced Robotics Manufacturing Institute (AIM), to cutting edge research into the industrial metaverse, READY Labs is pioneering new ways to optimize and interact with industrial robots.

Robot Operating System

The No. 1 platform for robotics research, now industrialized

Mixed Reality (AR & VR)

Virtual Reality unlocks a new experience for managing a fleet of robots

Artificial Intelligence

What if your robot can automatically improve its program, and help you to write it? 

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